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September 10, 2009: Inivitation to Comment on the Master Solar REC General Terms and Conditions

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (“PSE&G”) is holding quarterly auctions to sell Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (“SRECs”) received as repayments of loans extended under its Solar Loan Program.  The first of these auctions is scheduled for January 29, 2010.  NERA Economic Consulting is the Auction Manager.

The Auction Manager has posted to the web site a Draft Master Solar Renewable Energy Certificates General Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Draft Master SREC Agreement”).  The Auction Manager and PSE&G are inviting prospective bidders to comment on the Draft Master SREC Agreement. All winning bidders in the SREC Auction will be required to sign the final Master SREC Agreement. 

All comments received in accordance with the process outlined below will be evaluated by a review committee consisting of representatives from PSE&G and the Auction Manager. The timeline and process for prospective bidders to provide comments on the Draft Master SREC Agreement is as follows:

Please direct any questions regarding this comment process to the “Ask a Question” page on the web site. 

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